Australians: Would You Eat Camel Meat?

Every country has its challenges and one of ours is the ongoing issue surrounding feral camels. These camels were introduced to Australia back in the 19th century and we have known little peace from them since. The government has requested businesses and civilians alike to help with the growing number of camels, which is why we wanted to talk a little bit about camel meat.


Can I Really Eat Camel Meat?

You might not see too many movies depicting a hunter chasing down a camel, but these creatures can absolutely be eaten. Camels can provide a fair amount of meat and the current population makes it easy for local hunters to stock up quite well. Camel meat is completely safe to eat and quite enjoyable. In fact, camel is a popular protein source for people all around the world!

The really great thing about camels is that they are actually quite good for you. Compared to other red meats, it has more health benefits. It is an excellent source of protein, and since it is quite lean, it’s something you can feel better about eating.


What Is Camel Meat Like?

Every kind of meat has its own unique flavor and texture, but camel is often related to beef. This delicious meat can be used in the same way that you would eat beef, making it incredibly versatile as far as protein options go. You will notice that camel is just like any other great meat, which is what makes them perfect for hunting.

How Do I Prepare Camel Meat?

Camel meat can be eaten in a variety of different ways. In fact, there are plenty of amazing recipes online that make it possible for you to prepare a thousand different delicious meals. Right now, one of the more popular options is to make camel burgers. Restaurants and talented chefs alike are all working on using this great protein source to dress up a good meal. The real power of flavor comes from using the right spices, so look up some good recipes and get cooking!


Can we really eat camel meat?


Is the Camel Problem Serious?

The concern about the growing camel population is incredibly real as with other feral animals and introduced species. Not only are these animals reproducing at an alarming rate, but they are causing quite a few problems while they do it. The government has taken steps to ensure that the camel levels are somewhat maintained, but we need more hunters to manage the population and limit the impact of these animals. Already, issues have arrived for ecosystems, neighborhoods, and native wildlife, similar to the problem Australia has with feral cats.



Even though camel isn’t the most popular meat source in Australia, chances are it might be soon. As more people come together to help lower the levels of camels in the country, it is becoming an incredibly popular food option. With the right spices and an open mind about new experiences, you might just find that camel is your new favorite protein!


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