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Date Posted: 6 February 2018

Date Posted: 17 January 2018

Cats are adorable pets, but they are killing a staggering number of native birds Australia. Here is why cats killing native birds is a problem.

Learning to use a throwing knife can be a fun hobby and the skill can be picked up without the need for a lot of gear. A set of throwing knives and an old tree stump is all you need to get started.

Getting your throwing knife technique down pat can bring a sense of satisfaction. Wood is the best target for a throwing knife and you will find yourself becoming addicted to this fun hobby.

This handy guide to tactical knives can give you a few pointers when buying a new knife for your outdoor adventures. The tactical knife is a good tool to take on your outdoor adventure. Great for cutting, sawing and other jobs you will need when camping.

If you are thinking about hunting in Australia, this is the guide to read first. Packed with information about how, where, when and what to hunt down under, our hunting blog will always keep you up to date with the latest hunting info.

Consider this your essential deer hunting guide to Australia.

Skinning a deer to process the meat can be done in several ways. This article will give you some helpful pointers for a successful skin. Use the right tools to process the venison so you can store and cook it.

Deer were brought to Australia from 1860 and are now hunted in certain areas. We have several posts about the best way to hunt deer in Australia and which breeds are best. This post will give you in depth information about deer infestations in Australia.

Have you ever wondered what tang means when referring to knife making? This article has a bit more in depth look at knife tang and what each type of tang is. A must read for any camper or outdoors person.

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A guide to introduced species in Australia. Full Force Hunting provides a comprehensive guide to wildlife and animals to hunt within Australia. Many introduced species, such as deer are hunted in Australia.

Read our night pig hunting tips for the ultimate feral pig hunting experience. The best places to hunt and the best methods to hunt feral pigs in Australia.

Before going on a hunting trip, it is important to gather all the necessary items in your backpack. Everybody has different ‘must have’ items but one that everybody includes is a high quality hunting knife.

Having a decent knife on board during your outdoor adventure can mean the difference between survival and death in extreme situations. A hunting knife becomes your most prized possession if things go pear shaped.

Understanding Australian Feral Pig Behavior is key to a successful hunt. Hunting itself can control the 20% of feral pig population but not generally an effective way in reducing their numbers.

If you love lasagna and have been wondering what to do with the venison meat from the hunt, this venison lasagna recipe will hit the spot. Using succulent venison, this dish is ideal to feed large groups.

After getting the proper license, now is the time to get out and show what you’ve got. Hunting deer can be done using a rifle and cartridge but you’ll perform better if you include these items in your hunting backpack. 8 essentials to take hunting deer.

An average bow-hunter can achieve optimum bow-hunting skills in two to three months. For those who love to hunt for deer meat, the hunting season is all year round in most part of Australia.

If you’re an experienced deer hunter, then you don’t need to be told that getting the big buck involves a combination of luck and skill. If you don’t go to where the deer is, no amount of skill or luck can give you a good hunt. However, if you hunt in a

Hunting feral pigs in Australia is a great way to reduce the population of this introduced species and to harvest pork, which is very well liked in Australian culture.