Deer Hunting in Australia

There are many locations all over Australia where creative sport hunters can pursue any of the 6 native species, providing that they act responsibly and considerably to the wild animals in the hunting area Deer were brought to Australia from 1860 and are now hunted in certain areas. We have several posts about the best way to hunt deer in Australia and which breeds are best. This post will give you in depth information about deer infestations in Australia.

One of the biggest challenges for hunters worldwide is deer hunting in Australia. As a result, numerous professional associations, as well as hunting clubs, have sprung up in these locations where deer hunting is increasing in popularity.

There are many locations all over Australia where creative sport hunters can pursue any of the 6 native species, providing that they act responsibly and considerably to the wild animals in the hunting area. Knowledge is vital for successful deer hunting in Australia along with expertise, ethics, and a strong passion for the natural environment.

Map of deer infestations in AustraliaThe Acclimatisation Society of Victoria

Acclimatisation Society of Victoria, from 1860 to 1900, was in charge of the introduction of at least 26 varieties of deer – all for the purpose of liberation.

At this point, the legacy of the acclimatisation period is still in place and today a minimum of 7 varieties of deer are recognized as wild populations throughout Australia – and the possibility of others exists. A number of them are descendants of the initial releases that have widened their range.

On the other hand, some have had a reduced distribution. Numerous areas have seen recent populations established by deer that have escaped from modern deer farms or from secret releases. Irrespective of where they originated, the population of deer in the 21st century in Australia is higher than ever and a growing number of hunters appreciate this more every day.

How Many Species of Deer are in Australia?

In Australia, there are 6 varieties of deer that are considered permissible for hunting. The sambar deer are one of the most common place deer and they are mostly found in parts of Victoria and New South Wales and they are expanding their range to other parts of Australia. Compared to other kinds of deer, the sambar deer are tougher to hunt due to their low-density population along with their ability to stand completely still for extended periods, which makes eluding hunters and predators much easier.

The Rusa deer is a variety of deer commonly hunted and it has a range mostly in New South Wales. Other hunted deer species include Red deer, Fallow deer, Hog deer and the Spotted deer found in North Queensland. These deer species can be legally hunted during deer season in specific locations throughout Australia using a bow or firearm.

Hunting fallow deer in AustraliaHow to Begin

A deer hunting license is required to hunt deer in Australia. They can be bought at the Department of Natural Resources & Environment and can be used to hunt any of the legal deer species.

If you are not from Australia, an International Visitor Firearm Permit as well as a Customs Import Permit is needed if you are bringing your own firearms for hunting.

It is suggested to use a rifle with a bigger caliber for deer hunting in Australia. It is actually illegal to hunt particular deer species with a caliber smaller than .270. This is to ensure that the deer is killed quickly and humanely and minimizes the danger of a wounded distressed animal stumbling through the foliage. Hunters should hone their shooting skills by practicing often. To kill a deer humanely and quickly requires an accurate shot.

Hunting Deer with a Bow

Deer can also be legally hunted using a bow, but it has to conform to certain specifications. Bows such as longbows, recurve bows, crossbows and compound bows each has their own separate requirements. Broadhead arrows must be used with a minimum of 2 sharpened cutting blades.

April to August is the best deer hunting times and it also the legal hunting period for most varieties of deer. Hog deer can be legally hunted in April, while Rusa can be hunted as early as May. These are the only two exceptions and the other species can be hunted for the full hunting period. A hunting license covers all deer species for their respective hunting seasons, therefore, hunters are not required to buy different hunting licenses to hunt different deer varieties in Australia.

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