How to Set Up a Bonfire

If you are planning to spend the night in the great outdoors, here’s how to set up a bonfire that will make the experience fun.


Having a bonfire while you are out in the great wilderness is usually a prerequisite to a fun time. Imagine you and some friends spending the night outdoors while you gather around the fire with beer in your hands, sharing stories under the night sky. That, to me, is what makes staying out memorable and comforting at the same time!


But how exactly do you build a bonfire without starting a bushfire? There are some tried and true methods of building fires to help you get yours together this season.


Here are simple steps you need to follow to make a roaring bonfire.



Prepare the Area

  1. Select the ideal spot

    • The perfect pit should be bare dirt and 8 feet away from any debris or bushes etc. this is especially true when you are creating one in an uninhabited area. See to it that no branches or hanging plants are directly on top of the pit. Once those crieteria are satisfied, clear the area.

  2. Dig a hole

    • The rationale behind this is so that the firewood collapses within the pit, and not somewhere else where it could be messy or burn those sitting around.

  3. Create a circle of rocks

    • The rocks will contain the bonfire and create a boundary between the flame and flammable items.

  4. Have extinguishers ready



    • You can never be too ready, so just have them prepared for anything. Moreover, you will have to extinguish the fire before sleeping.


Create the Fire

  1. Collect tinder and kindling wood

    • Tinder are small, dry objects that can easily catch fire like dried leaves and bark (not the dating app). Kindling wood are twigs that are no thicker than your fingers. This will be where the fire starts.

  2. Gather your firewood

    • The wood you need to pick should be around the size and length of your arm. Moreover, pick those that are dry and without moss growth, as greenery will only cause the fire to be smoky.

  3. Create a bedding of tinder with the firewood on top

    • Position the tinder and kindling wood inside the pit. As for the firewood, you can stack them depending on how you want it, like tepee style or log cabin style.

  4. Start the fire


    • It’s time to spark the flames with a matchstick or a lighter, and voila! Enjoy your bonfire. Add firewood as necessary while maintaining the shape.


Extinguish the Bonfire

  1. Sprinkle, not pour, water

    • Pouring water would flood the area, making the site unusable should you wish to start another bonfire again.

  2. Mix the ashes

    • Use a stick to mix the ashes. This ensures the underneath of the pit gets damp.

  3. Check for heat

    • If you still feel any heat, it means you haven’t fully extinguished the fire. If there is none, you can call it a day already.


It’s always fun to play with fire, but just be careful or you’ll get burned! Follow these steps and you should have a wonderful time outdoors.


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