Metal Detecting - Your Cool New Hobby



What do you think of when you hear the words 'Metal Detecting" Do images of a lone guy on the beach before sunset, hoping to uncover a pandora charm or some other little treasure. Forget that, because metal detecting is a super cool hobby that is enjoyed by thousands of people around Australia and the world. Metal detectors have uncovered some treasures from the past, making this noble hobby essential for discovering important relics from history.



Metal Detecting - Your Cool New Hobby

A hobby that's enjoyed by kids, adults and seniors alike, metal detecting is a great hobby if you have a love of both history and the great outdoors. What's fun about it is the excitement of being able to hold something that's last seen hundreds of years ago, collecting old coins and precious stones, and making friends with fellow detectorists is also a bonus.


Treasures from the Past

Metal detecting takes you to different places out in the fresh air and is a great form of exercise. It's a relaxing hobby and it makes you enjoy nature's peace. Locating old coins, jewelry, and relics of the past generations gives you an adrenaline rush, and makes you wonder about your treasure's history, value, and the people who once owned them. 

While this hobby is an opportunity to make some serious money, most detectorists often don't sell what they find. The sentimental value becomes strong in each piece of metal you find, making you feel more connected to the things that transpired in the past.


You wouldn't even notice it, but once you start metal detecting you you've probably already walked a good 5 to 10 kilometres - or even more! - searching for exciting pieces to collect. It's a smart way to keep your body fit and healthy.


Tips before starting your Metal Detecting journey

Before you begin this exciting hobby, there are things to keep in mind:


1. This can be an expensive hobby - Metal detectors are not cheap, and you'll definitely want to upgrade your device whenever a new metal detector model appears. You may need additional equipment, too. Thankfully, Full Force Hunting has a full selection of metal detectors that's friendly for your pocket and adjusts to your budget. We have the best metal detectors for both beginners and professionals, and even for kids.


2. Where do you live? - Consider your location so you can vouch what kind of artifacts you want to search for, as well as what kind of metal detector you want to use. 


3. You may dig out trash, and that's okay - Trash is everywhere and you'll most likely detect it a lot, and that's completely normal. The planet sometimes gives you trash or debris, and there's nothing you can do about it.


4. Dig all the signals you receive - This is the most crucial advice we can give to any beginner. Who digs more, finds more. Dig all target signals or at least every other, and get yourself used to how the metal detector works. You'll never know what you'll get, and that's exactly what makes this hobby fun.


5. If you find nothing, that's okay too - That's part of the hobby package. Prepare your mind for disappointments, and find something positive out of it. If you did not find anything good today, it only means you'll find a really good one next. And you burnt calories too, that's a bonus.


What metal detecting equipment should I get?

Besides the metal detector, it's important to get yourself some additional equipment and accessories for a more convenient and easy metal finding. Pinpointers, a bag for your findings, your own backpack with a first aid kit, digging tools and more.


Full Force Hunting offers only the best metal detecting equipment and accessories that are perfect for first-timers, the seasoned and the pros. We have always enjoyed the pleasures of the outdoors, and we strive to let you experience the same. If you need tips and guides to get started on this wonderful hobby, we offer personalised service to each customer and we are also available to discuss any questions or issues over the phone and/or through emails. Contact us at 0409 486 837 or send us an enquiry form at

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