The Best Position to Shoot a Feral Pig

Rifle. Bow. Handgun. Lightsaber. Regardless of the weapon you choose to use when shooting a feral pig, there are certain things you need to be aware of about this stubborn and delicious animal.

Majority of the hunters who go into pig hunting are actually deer hunters in search of game in the off-season. This is understandable because feral hog hunting is permitted year-round in a lot of areas.

If you decide to switch games, there are a lot of differences that you have to put into consideration in other to be safe and to guarantee your success.

The first thing to know is how their anatomy operates. You have to understand why new hunters find it so difficult to kill them.

From the illustration, it is obvious that the lungs and heart are slightly above its shoulder. An accomplished deer hunter will probably pick a long shot and wind up shooting only the gut. This is definitely not good enough.

The question is, where do you target? Should you target vitals, head, or neck?

For the hog hunting newbies, our suggestion is for you to go for a broadside attack. If you can hit the vitals as well as the shoulder, you can bring down the hog on the spot. This gives you the chance to do a quick check without the need to go trailing after the kill. We’ll rather you carry out a kill that is quick and clean, because it happens to be a lot more ethical, efficient, and safer.

By the way, you really don’t want to see a giant hog with tusks chasing you.

The neck happens to be another wonderful kill shot. It severs the spine, thereby putting the animal down.

We also have the headshot. Though am not trying to say that any animal can survive a bullet to the brain. However, it is pertinent to note that, feral pigs don’t particularly have big brains, despite the fact that they’re smart. Besides, there are numerous stories about hunters who assumed that they got good head shots on wild hogs only for the pigs to stand and charge at them. And if you factor in Murphy’s Law, you’ll notice that this happens mostly when you go close to the animal after you’ve holstered your gun or sling your rifle.

Headshots are a lot more difficult. This is because it has a small brain, a really thick skull and hide, coupled with the fact that the target is always in motion.

The most important thing you need is the right ammunition. You’ll need a bullet with enough weight to go through a very tough hide.  It should also have enough diameter to provide enough knockdown power. There are enough stories online about soft bullets that were only able to flatten against a boar’s shield to make you exhausted.

You should make use of the right combination of arrow/broadhead for bow hunting of feral hogs. Here’s a wonderful field test article and recommendation on how to get a clean kill on wild boars.

If you’re using a lightsaber, we don’t really have any advice on how to go about that. We once asked Bob to go feral hunting with a lightsaber and it didn’t go so well which is such a shame, considering the fact that we kind of liked Bob. Nevertheless, we’re employing!

Making a quick and safe kill is actually the most important thing!

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