Why You Should Carry Extra Water When In the Bush

Date Posted:5 September 2018 

Do you want to lead a healthy lifestyle while having a grand time? If you’re answer to this question is yes, then bushwalking is probably a great exercise for you.


In today’s fast-paced times, we tend to forget how to take care of ourselves, or even miss out on the joys of enjoying what life has to offer. Hitting the gym can be a drag for most people, which is why venturing into the great outdoors is always appealing.


While hiking or bushwalking are both great recreational activities, you should always remember to carry extra water when in the bush. Having safe water handy can determine the difference between your excursion being a great experience or a huge disaster.


Dehydration: The Reason to Bring Extra Water


One of the biggest hindrances to having a good time while bushwalking is dehydration. You know what they always say - you could probably survive weeks with little or no food, but you’d be in danger in just a few days without water. Put the harsh Aussie climate  into the equation and that makes it worse.


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You must be thinking, “There might be a water supply somewhere in the trails, like a river or a pond, right?” Sure, that could be the case sometimes, but take note that not all water sources are safe for drinking. For example, stagnant water is generally unsafe, and even a stream could be harmful especially when you see animal droppings around. So therein lies one problem.


How Do You Know if You’re Dehydrated?


So how will you realise that you’re slipping into dehydration? Waiting until you get a bad headache or dizziness is a terrible idea, so instead, we have an easier way. How? Take a quick look at your urine.


The NSW Rural Fire Service uses this method to gauge their own hydration levels. Basically, when your urine is clear, you’re adequately hydrated. But as it turns yellowish, you might want to take a glass of water or two to get your hydration levels up. This principle also applies when you go bushwalking, so it may serve you well outdoors.


Always Carry Extra Water, With Style


Black Escape 2L Missile Hydration Water Bottle Backpack Pack - Full Force Hunting


The above discussion should convince you already that you have to carry water with you when in the bush. While there are different bottles that you can use, it is wise to pick one that not only allows you to bring extra water, but it should be ergonomically comfortable as well. For that purpose, we highly suggest the Black Escape 2L Missile Hydration Water Bottle Backpack Pack.


This hydration bladder is going to be one of the most important things you’ll need in the bush. You have two litres of water packed in a lightweight backpack which is adjustable, making it as personalised as possible. It has an easy to use mouthpiece that is part of a hands-free hydration system, so that’s convenience in a wonderful outdoor item.


So you thought keeping your hydration levels would be a drag? Think again!

Why You Should Carry Extra Water When in the Bush - Full Force Hunting

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