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If you’re keen to get into knife throwing, get your Throwing Knife Techniques up to speed, start by finding a good target Getting your throwing knife technique down pat can bring a sense of satisfaction. Wood is the best target for a throwing knife and you will find yourself becoming addicted to this fun hobby.

Gil Hibben Throwing KnifeIf you’re keen to get into knife throwing, get your Throwing Knife Techniques up to speed, start by finding a good target. Wood has always been the most preferred material for a knife throwing target. Getting some round parts of a big log of wood would be perfect, but in the event you can’t do that, you can consider these other ideas:

  • Planks: If what you can easily find are wood planks, they will work just as well. But get broader ones, as they give you more space.

  • Hardware store: See if you can be able to claim any log scraps from your local hardware store or timber yard.

  • Firewood dealers: You can check out classifieds for local sources of firewood. Oftentimes, this can be a low-cost or even free alternative.

  • Friends: A lot of people cut down trees on a daily basis. You’ll probably be helping these type of people dispose of the cut down logs by carting away some parts of the woods.

Soft woods such as Pine, etc. are the best kinds of woods to use for knife throwing, or throw it directly at a tree trunk. Your knives will stick better in softer woods because the wood takes the knife blade without too much fuss. Using hardwoods like plywoods and Oak is never a good choice, as knives bounces off them, which can be dangerous. Sometimes hardwoods can be used however they are usually ineffective unless you’re using only small knives.

Aims of knife throwing and keeping yourself safe. Throwing knife techniques - Full Force Hunting

The fundamental aims to knife throwing are the stick as well as the accuracy. You can perfect your aims by adjusting the distance between yourself and the intended target. You can also adjust your throwing technique. Once you have mastered your throwing technique, you can then work towards your consistency in each throw. Keep practicing your techniques until you are accurate more times than not and this will help you nail down a technique that suits your knives and your body type. You can try out different shapes and size of knives and mix up your throwing techniques to diversify your throwing skills.

The act of safe throwing is mainly about common sense: and the most basic rule of thumb is never to practice barefoot. Remember before beginning to go through several fast safety procedures.

Here are some good places to start:

  •     Practice away from pets and individuals.
  •     Place your target away from houses, automobiles, gas grills, etc.
  •     Make sure anyone within the area understands what you’re about to do and where you are going to do it. This avoids knifing your friends in the cheek.
  •     Pay attention to what you are doing.
  •     Look in the direction you are about to throw. Is it clear?
  •     Use appropriate gear and if you wear glasses, then put them on.
  •     Make sure to take along a kit with a cloth to wipe your hands and knives, tweezers for splinters, as well as a file to take away burrs from your knives.

Knife grip and throwing posture

Just as with many sports, knife throwing involves a certain form of practice to become any good at it. You have to take notice of your posture and footing when you practice, as this will assist you in understanding knife throwing techniques faster.

Some important elements of a great throwing posture are:

  •     A well-relaxed body: This helps in relieving stress and gives you a better shot.
  •     Standing up very straight for a better, more precise throw.
  •     Put your right foot forward with your left foot a bit behind or the other way round, depending on your throwing hand.

Give it a try and get as comfortable as you can with your throwing posture. Loosen up and try to shake the stress out before you do your first throw. Your technique will improve faster if you are relaxed, and concentrating well.

A good idea to perfect your aim is to begin throwing a baseball at your target until it feels natural while practicing your posture. This can improve your aim and give you the confidence you need to being knife throwing with a good sense of where your target is located.

Knife Throwing Methods

There are just two methods to throw a knife: by the blade or by the handle and the type of knife determined the technique to be employed. Try to find out which end of the knife is the heaviest, as you will be throwing the heavy end first to effectively propel the knife towards your target.

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