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Hunting feral pigs in Australia is a great way to reduce the population of this introduced species and to harvest pork, which is very well liked in Australian culture.

Luring the pigs towards a certain site can be frustrating, but fortunately, we have some recipes which produce very effective feral pig lures. Full Force Hunting Australia have everything you need for a feral pig hunt. There are certain foods and other ingredients which pigs find hard to resist and we have listed them here.


Lures for Australian Feral Pigs


Lubricants and Engine Oil: Though hogs don’t eat these, they however find the smell irresistible. I can personally attest to the effectiveness of old motor oil, WD-40, and diesel fuel. To begin, clear a flat area near a watering hole or nesting ground, then spread ample quantity of diesel or motor oil in the dirt before bringing out your food. Hogs enjoy rolling around in it and it is often provides a greater distraction than food. You can also spray WD-40 on the bait food.

Telegraph Poles: Hogs enjoy rubbing against old telegraph poles. The theory is that it suits their hides and controls the bugs. Whatever the reason, the fact is that they love them. If you can take out your chainsaw to hack down some four foot sections, and tie them to a watering hole you’ll probably find yourself in hog heaven.

Breads: A lot of hog hunters make use of apples and rotten corn, but hogs are not particularly choosy. You can use old baked goods if you’re looking for a cheap way of attracting the hogs to your bait site. You can collaborate with your local bakery to buy their bad bread at a discount price. You can also use corn tortillas as part of your hog bait recipe.

Lollies and Peanuts: After soaking my oil in the dirt, I usually sprinkle a good coat of cheap peanuts and hard boiled lollies all over the place. The hogs are easily distracted trying to root out the little bits thereby exposing themselves to a prime shot.

Booze: Though you might find it difficult to waste good alcohol on hogs, it can play a huge part in your ability to attract hogs to your site on a regular basis. A lot of people believe that hogs can get “addicted” to cheap beer and whiskey and can do anything to lay their snouts on it. My recommendation is for you to pour either beer or whiskey all over the bread after you’ve succeed in burying them at the bait site. You can also use it on spoiled apples and corn!

Jelly: You should always include Jelly whenever you’re hog baiting. Sprinkle up to five to six packs of Jelly crystals all over the bushes close to your bait site. Hogs find them irresistible. I heard that tang is equally just as effective!

Whenever you want to enjoy a soothing and relaxing hunt, all you have to do is to lure those feral pigs to you. You can make your place the perfect spot for getting big hogs by following these easy steps. All you really need is to have the right bait and an abundance of patience. Rememeber that baiting pigs requires you to take additional steps which you can read about here.

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