Care of your J&V Knife or Axe

Care of your J&V Knife or Axe

Keeping your knife or axe clean, dry, oiled and sharp is the best way to keep your new knife in tip top condition. Not providing adequate care for your gear can cause corrosion, unnecessary wear, and potential injury. Properly caring for your knife or axe extends the life of your J&V Knife and can also be useful in keeping it durable and reliable.

Ensure you clean the handle and the blade each time you use it. Wipe over with a mild soapy water, and never soak your knife or sheath in water. Do not use a chlorine based product, dishwashing detergent or other harsh abrasives.

Keeping your knife as dry as possible is idea. Always dry your knife blade and handle after any exposure to moisture, keeping in mind that leather and other porous handle materials may absorb fluids. A small amount of moisture displacement fluid can prevent oxidation and water spots forming.

Oil your knife regularly as dirty fingers and moisture are the main reasons blades corrode. A light coating of oil after each clean and before storage should protect it against most environments. If you live close to the beach, a heavier coating of oil may be necessary to protect if from the elements. Even stainless steel can rust if not cared for properly.

Ensure you keep your knife sharp as this makes it safer to use. Invest in a good sharpening kit and work towards a consistent grind from the tip of the blade inwards. Perhaps practice on some old kitchen cutlery first before sharpening your outdoor knife blades as damage to blades during sharpening will not be covered by your product warranty.