10 Ways to Become A More Successful Deer Hunter

If you’re an experienced deer hunter, then you don’t need to be told that getting the big buck involves a combination of luck and skill. If you don’t go to where the deer is, no amount of skill or luck can give you a good hunt. However, if you hunt in a


10 ways to become a better deer hunter


Below are ten tips to ensure that you hunt where the deer can be found thereby guaranteeing you a fruitful hunting season.

1. Put yourself in the position of the deer

Just like all other animals, deer drinks, eats and mates. With this logic, it is easy for you to know where the deer will be and what it will most likely be doing at that time.

2. The bush isn’t the only place you can find deer

Deer are known to eat plants, and agricultural crops are not an exception. Therefore, deer are always around farms during harvest season.See our guide to deer infestations here.


hunting deer along trails in Australia


3. Water and Trails

Deer needs fresh water on a regular basis, so it easy to find deer trails along small rivers and streams especially in areas with limited sources of water.

4. Keep an eye on power lines

Generally, areas surrounding power lines are cleared on a regular basis. This is a great source of grazing land for deer, and they will definitely enjoy it all through the season. Their trail can therefore be found a couple of yards into any bush that is parallel to the closest power line.

5. Try to examine their droppings

Examination of the droppings found on the trail is the best way of assessing the trail you’re on. As they grow older, the color of the pellet becomes lighter and they become dry. If you notice that the droppings are moist and dark brown in color, it means it is still fresh and the deer has not been gone from the trail for more than 12 hours.

6. Be on the lookout for any indication of eating

One constant thing about deer is that they love to eat. They consume large quantities of food on a daily basis, so searching for places where they’ve been eating is a smart way of locating their trail.

7. Take advantage of technological advancements

The introduction of satellite and aerial photography gives hunters advantages like maps which they didn’t have access to ten years ago. You can take advantage of these advancements in technology to create deer maps of the places you want to hunt in and take note of all the probable trail locations.

8. Create trails of your own

More often than not, deer follows the path with the least resistance, particularly in areas where they’re comfortable. You can lure the deer out with a small but subtle path leading to food and water.

9. Have a good knowledge of trails

There are different reasons why deer use particular trails at certain times. A good knowledge of the reasons why deer uses certain trail can help you avoid the mistake of following the wrong trail and wasting your time.

10. Take advantage of Rutting Season

The largest bucks don’t often come out of their safe “core area” except during rutting season. By following the does that are easier to locate, you can get the bucks by waiting for the bucks to come for them.

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